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Floating steel staircase divides Idunsgate Apartment by Haptic | via

a href=””>Haptic created the split-level Idunsgate apartment in the upper levels of a nineteenth-century apartment block. The new staircase connects living spaces on the lower storey with a mezzanine above, but also creates a subtle divide between the kitchen and lounge.

Made from powder-coated white steel, the staircase hangs down from a ceiling beam and wall overhead. Its narrow vertical supports form a balustrade, while open risers allow views through from below.

As the stairs descend, they stop before reaching the floor, so residents have to step down over a piece of wooden furniture that functions as both a chest of drawers and a window seat.

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Cozy Russian Apartment


A Modern Tribeca Loft

When you hear the words Tribeca and loft, you know this home tour is gonna be good! Keeping an open space was the #1 priority and I love how serene and simple this home turned out. The couple’s love for iconic designer pieces can be seen in their furniture choices. I spy Eames shell chairs, the Saarinen tulip table, Louis Poulsen’s Snowball pendant light and many others. I love how the blue rug gives a pop of color to the dining area without interfering with the neutral palette. Smart touches were made to maximize storage space such as placing the pantry and dog food bowls underneath the staircase in the kitchen. On a side note, from far I thought those were hexagon tiles in the bathroom but they’re actually penny tiles! I sense my next post coming along…

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ASP Home Staging Statistics

There are 6 main ingredients that make up the sale of your home:

1. Location: We usually cannot move a home! To quote the favorite phrase of appraisers, “Location, location, location!” The pricing of your home must reflect its location.

2. Condition: The…